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Stained Glass
Leaf Trinity
Price $60.00
lovely round panel with heavily textured clear glass. SOLD, and I can …
Moon dance
Price $95.00
SOLD My newest favorite. A graceful tree blowing in the wind backlit by…
Moon and sun bevel glass
Price $55.00
SOLD. sun and moon 10" diameter. Silver solder
Moon in the sky
Price $95.00
SOLD white opalescent moon, turquoise opalescent iridescent sky, with be…
Monet Blues & Bobbles
Price $195.00
SOLD Gorgeous 'Monet' blue/green/pink art glass, blue/green 1/4" think a…
Rose bud
Price $60.00
SOLD 9x9 delicate pink opalescent glass, raindrop clear background, in a…
Purple Peace Symbol
Price $70.00
clear beveled peace sign in deep purple 9"
Night Breezes
Price $98.00
SOLD similar to moon dance. textured turquoise glass and bevel border. …
Ohm Panel
Price $75.00
SOLD This beautiful panel with the Ohm in transparent gold glass, the ba…
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